Thursday, August 12, 2010

Straw Fedora, we meet again

You want to know something I have never done.  Sing karaoke.  Well that all changed in this outfit.  On Tuesday night, I went to a karaoke bar, in Printer's Alley, across from a nude karaoke bar (creeps) and sang karaoke with a bunch of my friends.  My friend Amberly who started a blog recently has a video up thankfully I am not in it.

For the record, I performed two songs that evening.  "You Shook Me All Night Long" by ACDC, and "I Love Rock 'n Roll" as performed by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.  I was a little nervous when the guy running the karaoke said that the ACDC song was his and his wife's wedding song.  That's a lot to live up to.  And there may have been a jello shot or two involved in order to get me up on the stage and singing with such little inhibitions.

I love this dress though.  I wore it recently when Sam was taking some pictures of me with my iPhone.  Its just pretty and comfortable.

Straw fedora: streets of New York City
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Oxfords: Naturalizer, Ebay

1 comment:

  1. I love love karaoke, but don't go often enough. "I love rock and roll" is on my personal repertoire!

    I hopped on the fedora train recently and posted about it today! It looks similar to yours. I bought it at the grocery store. haha




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