Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Golden Age of Couture

On Friday night, mine and Sam's plans of going out to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to see glass sculpture displays by Chihuly were rained out, so we went to The Frist instead to see The Golden Age of Couture and Chihuly.  Sam loves blown glass... and I love the beauty of the New Look.  It was marvelous!

Last night, I had the chance to do something for the first time ever.  I oven roasted a WHOLE CHICKEN by myself.  And it turned out pretty darn good.  Considering I just threw in some veggies I had lying around put butter under the skin, rubbed it down with salt and pepper, and poured beer all over it.  It was absolutely delightful!  Now, I have chicken to last me for the whole week to put in quesadillas or pasta!

Dress: borrowed from Adrienne
Wooden bracelet: off the street in Mexico
Necklace: Gift from Christine from Africa
Sandals: Urban Outfitters

One last thing!  Don't forget to enter my give away!  It would be a shame for you to miss out on getting this beauty of a ring!


  1. I have that dress in a different pattern. It makes me look super chubby so I have never actually worn it in public. It's SO CUTE though! Sad times. Also, it's super itchy.

  2. My boss loves Chihuly and has seen that stuff elsewhere - none of us got to make it to that when we were in Nashville though! Bummer.

    Very cute dress and I'm always impressed with ladies who can wear a strapless well.

  3. That dress is gorgeous--you need to borrow that more often from whoever this "Adrienne" is.
    And ok, sorry but the description of what you did to the chicken to make it taste so good is kinda funny, just reading it made me laugh...but yes, it sounds delicious!
    PS-You can so be my business partner if you're still living in Nashville when I finally leave this awesome city I currently call home.

  4. been reading your blog for a while, alyson, and i have to say, i really love your hair. :') the colour is just so perfect. x

  5. I love this dress...gorgeous! Wasn't the GAOC exhibit amazing?! We cook loaaads of meat and eat off it all week. Do you have a slow cooker?! It is amazing!

  6. I LOVE Chihuly! The OKC art museum has a permanent exhibit that I love seeing! You should check it out if you are ever in the area!

  7. Hi,
    Found your blog recently and I'm impressed that you've gone so long without shopping. I wish I had that kind of will power!
    Cute style, too. I like the outfits with skirts and t-shirts, cute and functional.



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