Friday, June 04, 2010

Tales of a lion tamer

Once upon a time there was a fabulous lion tamer.  Well, this lion tamer not only looked incredibly fabulous but had a way with the lions.  One day she came upon a lion that was fierce with beautiful golden locks.  The lion tamer knew that this lion would be a tough one to tame.  After she poked and proded, calmed and soothed... finally the lion nuzzled up next to the tamer.  In honor of her taming skills, the lion tamer won a vintage gold belt.

Perhaps I am a little goofy...  I decided to go full out safari the other day.  You know you have succeeded when your boyfriend says you look like a cute park ranger and your boyfriend's roommate asks if you are going on safari.  The shirt was borrowed from the boyfriend.  To be honest, I just loved this whole look.  I felt incredibly chic and sophisticated but still really fashion forward!  And let's not forget the belt... sorry to say I have never encountered a lion in my entire life.  This belt came from an amazing find while on my trip to Chicago.  Its from a vintage store called Shangri La.  They offer affordable and amazing vintage accessories and clothing.  The owners are incredibly nice and have impeccable music taste.  If you find yourself near Roscoe Village, definitely check it out.  I can't wait to show off some more pieces that I picked up (all accessories not clothing!  I ain't no fool!).

Khaki surplus boy scout shirt: borrowed from boyfriend, Imogene & Willie yard sale
Khaki green shorts: Old Navy
Gold lion belt: Shangri La, Chicago, IL
Camel oxford pumps: Antonio Melani, Dillard's

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