Thursday, June 03, 2010

200 Days!

200 DAYS!

Yes!  200 days!  Although, yes there just was a celebration of making it half way through this year, I feel like each consecutive milestone after this makes it all down hill.  Recently, one thing that has curbed me from the desire of spending and shopping on clothing, is house stuff.  I recently made my first adult-ish purchase and bought a couch!  
  Yes, it is a futon... but its a classy futon, if futons can be considered classy.  So I am busy thinking of place mats, rugs, and space planning.  I am also trying to remember the paint color of the living room in my new place...  However, I am still trying to be incredibly conscious of my budget.  Any great design ideas you would like to pass along?


  1. Oh that's awesome. Congrats on you classy futon - which I couldn't even tell was a futon!

    Design-wise it's kind of hard because I don't know what your aesthetic is but this is what I learned redoing my apt:

    - I considered paint color very important;

    - I stalked the local furniture resale folks that specialized in mid-century modern and asked them if they had what I needed in inventory or had them write it down, with my price range, and call me if they found it (never happened but I tried!);

    - Know what I'm willing to clean (I hate knick-knacks and love open surfaces because it's easier to clean up after the cats/hair although my heart belongs to kitsch and knick-knacks...I just have no patience for them on a maintenance basis!)

    - I had a learning curve as to when it was easier to buy something new/DIY and to have it repaired/professionally done/custom made (couch slipcovers, welded/powder coated chairs, high-density chair pad foam, seamstress pricing, neat painting costing money vs. ME painting which was free but sloppy and lame, etc.)

    - you will always need more storage than you think!

  2. That is a classy futon!! I love it. We have a big back room in our house we're hoping to redo soon, and I'd love to get a piece like that.

    Your blog is adorable!



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