Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Totally Neat Tuesday - Dreaming of the weekend, already

I have an obsession with weekend bags.  I own about 3 or 4 weekend bags and I am constantly dreaming of adding to my collection.  The funny thing, is I do not really have any reason to own so many or to expand my ever growing collection of carry on-ables but I just love their hugeness.  I am not even a huge weekend trip taker... which is what makes it even more odd.  Oh well, a girl can dream of being whisked off to fabulous little weekend trips to the beach, or the mountains, or Paris...


cranberry red weekender, GetReadySetGo, etsy - $74.95


  1. Ooh, great bags! I have a pretty large purse, but I need something like this.. for what? I don't know. They're just lovely! Haha! :)

  2. I LOVE weekenders too... I keep trying to find more. I do make pretty frequent weekend trips so I use them, and I on the other hand never seem to have enough. haha.

  3. Alyson! It was so great to meet you! I've never met one of my readers before so that was way cool :) You have a fab blog!


  4. now i want a fabulous weekender, and a fabulous weekend away!

  5. I have the same obsession! I can completely trace it back to the source too. When I was studying abroad in Europe, I was visiting Prague one weekend. Two girls in my hostel had just come from Florence, and they were carrying the most gorgeous buttery-leather weekenders I had ever seen. One was fuchsia pink and the other was a beautiful caramel color. They claimed they had found them for between $100-$150, but I never could find where they had gotten such beautiful bags for such a steal. And trust me, I COMBED the Florence shopping scene for those bags.

    Anyway, ever since I've been obsessively searching Etsy and Ebay. I love the idea of having the perfect, chic leather weekender for a jetset weekend away... one has to be ready for those things when they come around, right? ;-)




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