Friday, April 23, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday - Dress for success!

Welcome to my primer on how to dress for a professional conference and still keep your sense of style!

Last week I was in Dallas for a conference with the company I work for, Raven.  Raven offers a suite of tools that help you manage your online marketing campaign.  This means that I was to be interacting with large corporations, small business, and of course friends of mine who also follow this blog.  Needless to say, unlike the last few times I have gone to this conference, I needed to up my game.  No more Raven Track Jackets and t-shirts, I had to look fashionable but still professional.  Thankfully, jeans and t-shirts are the norm for this type of conference (even though you will see lots of business casual suits too).  However, the trick is that often you have to wear items with your company logo on them.  This can prove problematic if you (or your boss) orders the wrong type of stuff.  I have a few tips for incorporating company branding into your outfits though.

Steer away from the norm.
Naturally, the easiest thing to get is just another polo shirt in black, white, or gray.  You do have options.  Depending on costs with your employer most embroidery companies offer a wide range of products.  Take the time to look through the catalog.  I personally love to get alternative apparel shirts embroidered, or cardigans.  They look great, professional, and can do double duty in my wardrobe by simply added a big ass broach.

Do not be afraid of color.
If anything it will just make your brand stand out more.  "Yeah, I was talking to the girl in the green jacket in the lunch line.  She said you are giving away t-shirts?" 

Don't order something stupid.
Order something that you actually want to wear and will wear.  Don't order a parka unless you are going to a conference on a ski slope.  Make sure it is something that is practical and that you can pair with other things in your wardrobe for you to take to the wherever you are going. 

Pratically speaking, let's take a closer look at the items I am wearing and I will also go into detail on why they work.

First off, the top.  I am wearing an Alternative Apparel organic scoop neck t-shirt with the Raven logo embroidered on the left.  If it was a little chillier, I would have put a blazer on over the top, but it was warm.  Also, I am 5'4" and wearing flats which means I can get away with a skirt that is above the knee.  This skirt has an a-line shape which keeps me looking long and lean but still conservative.  Finally, the shoes.  I kept the shoes loud and leather like.  I love how the red shoes look with this outfit.  Plus, a pointy toe flat is so chic! 

Organic Cotton shirt: Alternative Apparel
A Line shirt sleeve skirt: Urban Renewal, Urban Outfitters
Blue scarf tie: courtesy of Lizzie Brookes
Red Pointy toe flats: thrifted, humankind
Necklace: courtesy of Selective Potential give away, Jess LC

Have a great weekend everyone!

Photos courtesy of my co-worker Matt who sells wonderful art prints and photography.  He took the first picture on his camera and then the rest were on mine.


  1. i LOVE the way you edited the first picture! I like how you dressed up the t-shirt and the red flats are a nice touch. :]

  2. yeah we don't have a lot of options with my work wear. It's pretty much Blue polo, blue or white button down, or blue t-shirt. and then of course the ever stylish blue wind breaker jacket. clearly there's not a lick of style to be found in this company... i swear.

    This outfit looks great. That's exciting to have those kinds of options. I'd love to have a cardigan instead of that horrible wind breaker jacket.

  3. This is great. I never find the need to dress professionally, but there are a lot of people I might forward this to.

  4. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Very cute! I'm glad you found a non-stuffy way to dress for work.

  5. That skirt is so cute, I love the hem!

  6. You are adorable! And you're well outfitted for the conference, great tips. You look great in the first pic, I love the face and hair!



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