Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maid Braids

Even though I posted two blogs yesterday, I feel like this is my first actual blog post of the week.  Hello everyone!  How was your weekend?  How was your Monday?  Yesterday didn't really feel like Monday, it felt like a different day of the week entirely, and whatever day that was, oh it was rough.

After reading an article about braids on the Ready Made blog, I then surfed over to their youtube suggestions as far as braiding tutorials went, and found me a milkmaid braid tutorial.  I thought it looked really cute, but it totally weirds me out not having a ton of hair around my face.  I will be honest, I am totally narcissistic about my sometimes.

I have so much good news to share though.  First off, I am working with a few other bloggers here in Nashville to get a fashion blogger meet up going.  If you would like to be involved, just let me know either though a comment or on Twitter.  Secondly, my dear friend Tori got accepted to the School of Visual Arts in NYC for her graduate studies (beyond thrilled!!!!!).  Third, I won a cook book from Ready Made, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (score).  This next one I'm going to share with you pertains to yesterday's post; my mom has officially lost 50 pounds! 

Needless to say, today rocks.  And, totally means a celebration, in the form of mexican food in my belly (nom nom nom nom nom). 

Today's outfit is a little hint into what I've got going on for tomorrow.  

Navy blue and white houndstooth blouse: Courtesy of Leproust Vintage
Navy blue silk sash: Courtesy of Lola Jane Vintage
Skinny jeans: Express
Navy blue and white cotton maryjanes: Urban Outfitters


  1. Love the hair. Love the outfit. Love it. Love you.

  2. really adorable hair! must try....

  3. I'd love to stay in the loop about the Nashville blogger meet up. I am in Knoxville, but depending on when it is, its not a big stretch for me to come to Nashville to meet some cool people!

  4. I love the braids and the lipstick. And the whole outfit. Well done!

  5. 2nd comment - left you a blog award here:

  6. Hey, I have that necklace!

  7. that's adorable! i always wish i could do that, except i don't have enough hair... so then i just envy girls like you who can have maid braids!

  8. The shirt looks sooooo cute on you! I especially am loving the red lips....my fav!!!

  9. LOVE the outfit and the hair :)

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  11. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Oh man. You rocked the braids. They look great with the red lipstick and your cute top. Well done!

  12. Anonymous7:45 PM

    I did not know you had your nose pierced! So cute! Where do you get your nose studs? I need a new one for when I get to wear mine again - they don't really let you wear nose rings when you teach Kindergarten. :(

    Oh and I LOVE the hair and the outfit!

    Sarah Wood

  13. Amberly10:58 AM

    love it! please teach me how to do that hair! You're adorable!

  14. Lindsay11:52 PM

    I'd love to hear what's going on with the blogger meet up! I'm in Knoxville..not too far. Haven't started my blog yet, but plan to!




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