Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you believe in lucky clothes?

Can you guess what inspired this outfit?  Oh its this:

I love Kirsten Dunst.  I love her style and the characters she plays.  She is quirky and pretty.  This red hat made a huge statement in the film and since then I have wanted one.  Well, my senior year of college I asked my roommate at the time Rachel to knit me a red hat.  On Tuesday, I got the hat in the mail (and I don't even mind that it was 3 years late haha).  And it is beautiful!  I couldn't wait to wear it.

The reason I bring up the quote about lucky clothes is because, I think this might be a lucky outfit.  Sam and I went bowling with some friends last night and I, for the first time in my life, got a turkey.  What is a turkey?  It is when you bowl three strikes in a row.  I did that... I DID IT! 

Back to the outfit.  I am a huge fan of it.  I felt comfortable, casual, and incredibly chic for being in jeans and a t-shirt.  I think that has something to do with the pumps I was wearing.

Red knit slouchy hat: Knitted by a friend!
Black Beatles Abbey Road T-shirt: Forever21
Creased skinny jeans: Forever 21
Gold pendant necklace: courtesy of Modcloth Mobile Contest
Red leather cuff: ModCloth
Black and brown pumps: Flieschman's Vintage, Clothing XChange


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    I love this... I've been browsing my favorite bloggers looking for some ideas for my chicago trip and this look is so great! I'm going to borrow it from you for the flight!

    P.S. I love Kristen (look at me only using her first name like we are best friends) She's so stinkin cute and you did a great job pulling this outfit off. Congrats on your turk that's crazy good!

  2. I love that I totally knew what a turkey was! Woo! Congrats!

    I heart those pumps and this is a cute outfit.

  3.! It's funny because before I read what you wrote I totally thought, "This would be a perfect bowling outfit" since I bowl a lot and I'm always looking for something cute and casual. This fits the bill, you look great!

  4. cute outfit! to answer your question left on my blog: I get my hair highlighted usually twice a year, but the color it is now is very close to what it is naturally. Thanks for reading!

  5. That picture of Kirsten made me fell in love with her. I even brought it my hairstylist to get my hair cut that way..well, only the cut not the color.

    The red hat looks so cute on you!

  6. great outfit- love those jeans on you!

  7. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Super cute! Perfect inspiration and execution. I may even have gotten an idea for an outfit myself! YESSS!

  8. Aww, I love her too. Come to think of it, you kind of look like her!

    I'm thinking of trying to organize a Nashville Fashion Bloggers meet-up for some time in April. Would you be down?

  9. Awesome outfit and fabulous blog post. I am so a fan :) I love how you share the story of the outfit too - that adds so much more realness to your sense of style than simply pulling together a great outfit. I must write about you more cause your project is turbo awesome and I'm super inspired by it and your creativity :)

  10. i have been in love with that red hat since i first saw elizabethtown. you have inspired me to knit one. i just can't go on without it.

  11. that is the CUTEST outfit. I would totally wear it! love!

  12. love this outfit. its totally chic!

    awesome about the turkey. i've never done that and i love bowling!

    Wanderlusting Fool



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