Thursday, February 04, 2010

What I wore to pulling my head out of my ass, aka what I wore to yoga

I cannot believe I am about to post a picture of what I wore to yoga this morning.  I really can't, but I feel like I should.  I've posted some of my most "real" outfits this week, and I just want to continue on showing everyone how frumpy I am fashionable I am.

This pose is a nontechnical variation on warrior 2?  

Okay so my post about two weeks ago where I admitted to feeling totally overwhelmed.  Well instead of being active, I decided to retreat into my butt and not do anything about it, and lost absolutely any sort of balance in my life, my time, my home, etc.  The weight of all of this fell hard on me as I crawled into bed last night and then seeped into my morning.  I really had a hard time smiling for photos this morning, so I didn't.  Today is getting my head out of my ass day.  Yoga was great, and one of the things on my "I Must" list (more on that later).  My shoulders feel like liquid and I feel ready to tackle the day.  However, I'm still totally stressed and hormonal and a tad bit overwhelmed, but I at least feel like I will have the energy to conquer through it.

As if you care but here is what I'm wearing:

Hoodie: American Apparel Track Jacket for work.
T-shirt: American Apparel t-shirt from former work event.
Leggings: Old and from junior year of high school
Leg warmer: Mom
Shoes: Toms


  1. Matt M.10:05 PM

    The leggings add an extra accent of motivation.

    I think I need a track jacket too. It makes you look fast.

  2. Yoga is the very best. I can't wait for my class on Monday!



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