Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An ode to all the boys I crushed on in high school


I have always been attracted to guys that are WAY cooler than I am (BTW Sam is WAY way WAY cooler than I am).  In high school I crushed on the guys that were into Weezer and just really great music.  I was really too shy, and plus this douchey guy I dated was all somewhat friends with some of these people for a short amount of time.  Anyways, this outfit is my tribute to that time in my life where I wished I had the balls to dress like this, but didn't because I was lame (Well I did dress like this kinda..)

Maybe this is because last night I folded my laundry and gawked at the line up to Bonnaroo to Raditude (the latest Weezer album) and danced around in my new glasses...  Oh, yes, these are the new glasses.  I went with a pair of Ray Bans with the rivets on the side.  They are tortise on the inside and then an espresso brown.  I LOVE THEM.


Sweater: given to my by A, J.Crew (I love this sweater and yes I wear it once a week)
T-shirt: Beatles Abbey Road T-shirt, Forever21
Jeans: Gap, DIY dyed
Shoes: Chuck Taylors
Brown Tights: Gap

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Sam for taking these pictures.  He is so impossibly cool and has the best taste in music.  For real!


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Those glasses are cutie pie central. I geeked at the Bonnaroo line up too. I might make it down there and we have to hang if I do!

  2. ohhhh I am LOVING your new glasses! Did you love Dr. Sossino (I know I spelled that wrong!) She is so adorable!

    Anyway, I have been behind on my blog reading, so I am off to catch up on all of your previous posts!! :)

  3. Haha cute post! Love your glasses!


  4. What color/brand nail polish do you have on in this post? I love the shade of red.

  5. Loving the bright red nails with the casual outfit. And of course, you can't forget the Chucks!



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