Monday, February 01, 2010

I made it! - Cranberry Corduroy Skirt


 So this weekend, it snowed in Nashville.  I know!  SNOW!  By this morning it was all crunchy, but its still pretty.  The good thing was, even though I have 4 wheel drive, I stayed inside most of the weekend.  A few weeks ago, I got all the pieces for my skirt cut out and so on Sunday I decided I would sew them all together.  I really love how this skirt turned out. I had to size the original pattern and accommodate for the fact that the corduroy would make the skirt a little more bulky, therefore, I added a 1/4" on all the side seams.  I also shortened the skirt about 6 inches because I wanted more of a mini skirt.  It really only took me about half a day to do (maybe without the procrastination and the nap).

On a side note, I've never shot in snow before and so the pictures are a little on the dark side and you can't see some of the detail of the top.  It is black with white pin dots.  Also, Sam said I should smile more in my pictures.  I think his almost exact words were, "Alyson, this isn't America's Next Top Model, stop with the blue steel"  So I'm going to try to smile more in my photos and try and make it look natural instead of fake.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: I made it! Cranberry Wide Welt Corduroy
Tights: Target
Gold flats: Banana Republic at TJ Maxx
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Bag: Urban Outfitters (this weekend for $20! soooo happy!)

PS- Fashion Tip Friday post will be up later today, I took a tiny blog break with all the snow.  Thank you for your patience and for reading this!


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Good work!! Does your manfriend photograph you?

  2. you did a great job on the skirt. it looks awesome.



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