Monday, February 01, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday - What I have learned in my 78 days without shopping

I don't miss it that much
I have found that I can still go into a store and look at all the beautiful decadent clothing, and walk out pretty happy without buying anything.  Don't get me wrong, I miss it.  That is for sure; I do miss it, but I have been pretty satisfied with just window shopping.

Inspiration can come from your enemy.
In no way am I putting a giant red X over window shopping.  I still look at dresses, pants, shirts, etc online and I still go into stores.  There are places that I avoid and areas of stores that I avoid.  But I also get super inspired by the look book photographs in catalogs.  I am already dreaming of the beautiful dresses I want to make.

There are better ways to cope.
The whole reason I wanted to stop shopping for a year was because it had become such a dangerous coping mechanism.  I wanted to be able to find a healthy way to cope with stress, frustration, and even joy without running to a clothing store.  The things that have helped me cope are yoga and this blog.  I am blown away at the time, energy, and money that I put into shopping, and to see where I am putting it now.

Getting a little greener.
It does make my heart shine a little bit to know that I'm not consuming like crazy.  I have been thinking what is going to happen when this year is up?  Am I going to go crazy and stock up my fall wardrobe with the latest trendy trend?  Probably not.  I have thought about making myself go through a transitional phase where I only shop at thrift stores for a few months. 

I don't really want to encourage other people to shop.
In starting this blog, I have been a little cautious in linking to exact matches and clothing.  I want to empower people who read this to feel like they don't have to shop, but that they can shop in their own closets.  In no way am I saying that shopping is evil, but I do not want to be saying one thing and then living something else.  I hope that there are women out there who can relate to my story, my closet, and to be really honest the pain that being a "shopaholic" caused me.  An addiction to shopping is not just a funny girlie movie title, its a serious issue that is simply not addressed. 

I don't want to sound like a Public Service Announcement, but if you think you could be dealing with an addiction to shopping, please e-mail me and I would really love to talk about it with you.

I love to create.
I am really loving this time and energy I have to put towards something I love.  Sewing has become a goal.  My fear of failure is something to conquer (hmmm, have I discussed this?  I have a paralyzing fear of failing... but I'm learning to get over it).  I am getting to make clothing that is perfectly me!  From the tiniest detail to the big picture!


  1. WOW! I am so happy for you! You are really over the hump! Great great sound words of encouragement and wisdom! And you still look fabulous! Yeah! Its working! You are such a sweetie to boot! I hope you are Feeling more caught up with things than you were this morning! I had to really put my nose to the grind stone (or however that goes!) today but I am feeling much better now!

  2. I Would miss it big time!!Your jacket is really nice btw!



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