Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sewing machine, officially broken again

 Not sure if anyone saw this little gem of a tweet last night at about 11:00 PM, but its official my sewing machine is still broken, or rather broken again.  I feel like I should say that it was working.  It sewed approximately 10 inches of fabric before another nylon gear busted.

I will say this.  Sam and I rejoiced greatly over it being fixed; hands were raised, tears of joy were shed, jumping occurred, and then it was shattered.  Sorry for being a little melodramatic, but seriously its been broken for about 3 months and right when I think its going to be fixed...  you get the picture.

Needless to say, what happens with older sewing machines with nylon gears, when one gear fails, usually the other gears start to fail as well.  This is exactly what is happening with my machine right now.  Because of time and use, nylon gears start wearing out.  The gear that runs the feed dog (the little teeth that are underneath the sewing foot) busted after the brief amount that I sewed. 

I now have a dilemma.  Do I spend the $40 or so dollars for the parts and repair manual for this sewing machine and hope that something else doesn't break?  Or do I invest and buy a new sewing machine?  I need advice because I honestly do not know what to do. 

All I know is that I am really wanting to sew and get started on some projects that have been piling up.  Sam has been so amazing and sweet to work on my machine for me, watching him work on the timing last night made me realize how incredibly gifted he is to understand how machines work, from cars to guitar amps, guitars, to even my sewing machine.  Just so thankful for him.  He also gave me this sewing machine too for my 24th birthday, which is why I am apprehensive to just throw in the towel on my beloved little Singer Touch n Sew 758.

Any advice, anything, would be greatly appreciated.  I am just slightly at the end of my rope on this one.


  1. go for a new one, sister. i think you'd like having all the capabilities that the newer models offer.

  2. I have a new machine that cost about $100-$150 and it's been amazing! I used to have an old one and it always messed up. It was so frustrating. I suggest getting a new one. It's not that much more to get a basic model. I have the Brother XL-2600 i - I think my husband got it at Target! Good luck. Oh, remember it's an investment :)

  3. I was using my mom's old machine from the early 80's and it broke over and over again too. I finally said screw it and bought a $80 Singer at Wal-Mart. It makes a HUGE difference. The Singer is nothing fancy at all, but it does what my old one wouldn't do... work!

  4. Buy a machine is my vote. But you might be able to find some good deals at fabric shops - my roommate just got a great one for about half off. It's been working great!

  5. Sam's gift was bigger than the machine - he encouraged you to sew and gave you the ability and space to do it. Look at all that has happened because of it! You will always have that from the gift he gave. I say, if you want to get a new machine go ahead and get one. Or, if you want to give the one you have another try, go ahead. :)

  6. oh wow! A fellow Nahvillian!! Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! I was reading through your blog posts and saw some of your accessories from Pangaea! It is my weakness...I was just there yesterday!



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