Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another reason I decided to stop shopping

Packed to the brim, my closet is crazy. My decision to stop shopping for a year stemmed off the fact that I looked at the two foot plus stacks of sweaters, sweatshirts, and jeans and said enough.

Unfortunately I could not capture the oddity of my closet. It is shoved under a set of stairs, which makes it quirky. Oh, well! That's what you get when your house was originally built in 1928.


  1. Maybe you could "rediscover" parts of your closet every few months and see what fun things you find that you realize you haven't worn in a long time but still like. I have to occasionally just flip through my clothes to see what I've been missing and move it into rotation.

  2. Melissa M10:37 AM

    I'm so proud of you for taking on this challenge! Love you!

  3. Anonymous1:22 PM

    WOW! I want my closet to look like that, I bet you have tons of great clothes to put together some great looks. My life long goal, to get a closet that is jam packed, then I will upgrade into a huge walk in. A girl can wish right?



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