Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Face It: Foundation

I have been struggling with how to write this post without completely sounding like an infomercial however, it is because of infomercials that I decided to try bareMinerals.  I had been using liquid foundations of various forms because of the coverage they provided.  As I revealed last week, my skin is sensitive and break out prone if I don't take serious care of it.  I remember realizing that after trying so many different things to calm my skin down, the only thing I had not changed was my foundation.  I was still using some form of liquid foundation.

It was around this time that I saw the infomercial for bareMinerals.  I saw the results, and that convinced me to try it.  But in reality what has kept me using it for the past 5 years is that it has incredibly reduced my breakouts.  Another reason why I use it, is because in the past 5 years of using Bare Minerals, I've bought about 4 foundation tubs, 3 mineral veil tubs, and two warmths.  The money is worth it!

I use the original bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation, bareMinerals Warmth, and bareMinerals Mineral Veil.  I started off getting the starter kit.  You get two foundations (in two different colors), a warmth, a mineral veil, and the three main brushes that you need to get the most out of the kit.

By the way, I had this entire side by side comparison of my skin with and without foundation on, and something whacky happened with the lighting.  Basically, I have circles under my eyes because of my fair, thin skin.  I also have some redness on my cheeks, and broken capillaries around my nose.  Once I put on foundation though, my skin looks flawless.

All right, done with my infomercial (but really, its just soooo great!  What types of foundation do you guys use?  What have you found that works the best? 

Also, please know, I'm not receiving any sort of compensation for posting about Bare Escentuals.  If I was, you would know.


  1. i also have a VERY deep love for BareMinerals. ive been using their blush for three years, and have only had to buy one a year. and i use a LOT of blush, its kinda my fav.

    ive been using their foundations for months now, and im so happy with them! my skin never feels weighed down or cakey, its so light and provides great coverage! :)

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    I love the look of BareMinerals but it makes my face feel like it's on fire :(

  3. I've also wanted to try this...mostly as a result of the infomercials but also just because it looks so good!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I too love bareminerals. People think my skin is flawless but really it's just my makeup. If I don't wash my face at night its generally fine. Although the 3 nights in row that I did this weekend was bad for my chin. But yes its awesome but your face does always look super perfect & flawless.

  5. I use this too although now I am obsessed with Stilla all in one foundation. Y

  6. I'm so curious to try this product now. I've been changing up my facial routine. Even trying the baking soda after your post about it. Thanks for all the info. p.s. Love your blog!

  7. I have used Bare Minerals for probably 6 years. The place where I get my eyebrows waxed sales GloMinerals. They often will apply it over the waxed area to cover the redness. I really like its coverage as well. I ordered some off of eBay today to try out. Guess I'll see how it compares to Bare Minerals.

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