Friday, January 07, 2011

The Skirt of Fate

Are you ready for a story that will blow your mind and may even cause you to believe in a higher power? Several months ago, before I could purchase clothing again, I began to loathe going to Target.  Why?  Because of this skirt.  I saw it and wanted it when it was full price.  A few weeks later, it went on sale.... It was like the skirt was taunting me with it's orange price cut sticker.  I would run my hands down the cascading ruffles... I'm serious.  Ask Sam.  Ask Lisa (she's on twitter).  I loved this skirt.  And just like a butterfly (thank you Mariah), if you really love something you have to learn to let it go.  So I did.

But in the back of my mind, this skirt lingered.  Very rarely do I find that I remember the clothing that got away...  so why did my mind always come back to, "I really loved the black ruffle skirt from Target"?  I have no idea.

About two weeks ago, Julie from Orchid Grey updates her blog shop.  She posts THIS SKIRT.

Angels sang, bells rang, fireworks went off... I might have even teared up a little.  Of course, I bought it.  This may sound silly but this really proved something to me.  I know... I know...  

"Come on... it is just a skirt."

Alas, there is a lesson to be learned here.  If you are in to fashion and clothing it is really easy to get caught up in the frantic consume mentality.  I definitely was for a long time and I can say in all honesty that not shopping for a year broke me of that.  There is always a flash sale, free shipping, a coupon code, a normal sale, a contest, etc.  There is always a black skirt, a pair of tights, shoes, a vintage sweater, soft slouchy t-shirts, jeans, an awesome dress.  There is always someone pimping out some website, re-branding, store launch, boutique opening.   Just because you miss out on one, another one will come right along.  But the things that you want, and I mean you really want them.  The things that you search for and that you hunt for.  When you do come across those things, it is a different feeling entirely.

So that is my story.  Yes, it is incredibly strange for me to have this much wrapped up in a skirt but... isn't it way cute?  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Coat: Birthday gift from Sam (ladies I know you are jealous, my man has great taste)
Scarf: Deena and Ozzy, Urban Outfitters
Top: Thrifted
Tights from hell: Gap
Shoes: Thrifted


  1. I'm not really shopping now and I agree with your assessment there is always some sort of crazy discount/sale happening. Once you make it though a barrage or two of those emails it gets easier. I'm glad you found the skirt! Those are the pieces that are worth having in your closet :)

  2. I love the skirt (question: why are the Gap tights "from hell"? - just curious). And good for you for waiting and not purchasing it immediately -- I've never done a non-shopping challenge but I think I will try one soon, although I have to still be able to shop at second hand stores!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I'm betting this way you love that skirt way more than if you'd just nabbed it first thing! Now you'll get the warm fuzzies every time you wear it :)

    LOVE those glasses. I'm looking for exactly that kind of frame for my next prescription ones. I'd totally wear the whole outfit, actually! Very classy.

  4. I love when stuff like that happens! :)

  5. So happy you got the skirt you longed for! I know its only clothing, but still...sometimes you want something so bad-even if its materialistic-and if you're lucky enough to obtain it well its the best feeling in the world!
    I need to just send you an email to catch up...say hi...and all that other jazz, will do soon! have a great weekend!

  6. I have this same exact skirt but in pink! Love the skirt but I just can't find the right top for my body type. Hopefully soon because it taunts me every time I walk in my closet. Now I wish I had found one in black because it looks great!

  7. i LOVE when things come full circle like that!!! it was fate! :D

  8. well its a very cute skirt, i can see why you were infatuated with it

  9. so, true story. I had your your blog, this post, on my computer at work all freaking day. And everytime I would go to comment someone/something would distract me. it was craziness. So here is my comment that should have bene on here at 8o'clock this morning. Um, LOVE it. I love the pink with all the other dark/metal colors.

  10. I just bought something from Julie too! How funny, I had this skirt, but I sold it because I bought a bit too small... It is pretty fun though :)
    btw, I love that pop of pink in the scarf!

  11. That skirt is so worth the wait - it is gorgeous on you! I'm glad you were able to get it!

  12. hey! congratulations on making it a year! i am proud, even if i don't actually know you lol.

    i, too, have started something that i am wanting to do for a year. check it out!
    it'd be awesome if you'd follow me too ;)

  13. Ha! Great story. How fantastic! It IS an extra cute skirt. I love the pop with the scarf in this outfit. Lots of fun. :)


  14. I know what you mean about the shopping addiction (don't we all). When I feel I've spent too much lately I'll try to browse the shops with more criticism - do I really want and need this? is it really so cool and pretty? Then when I finally do find something that measures up to my standards I feel like it's worth it.
    Also I mostly shop online - which makes it much easier not to buy something than if I had been trying it on in the store...
    Good luck keeping your shopping sane!



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