Monday, January 17, 2011

Polar Bears

Monday is here again.  Although my Saturday was incredibly productive... laundry, hang out with Lisa, dinner, shopping*, coffee**, nap, 80s dance party***... My Sunday was a complete waste.  Oh well, there is always next Sunday right?

For this outfit, I feel like I was channeling Rachel from Glee.  The sweater?  If you went to Urban Outfitters at all over the Christmas season, you probably saw it.  I was smart and asked for it for Christmas.... and I love it.  It is great because it looks more sophisticated than you think.  I know I know, I'm 26 years old and wearing an animal sweater?  But really, unless you really look at it, you don't even realize its a polar bear... with claws. 

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Dress (work as a skirt): courtesy of Kristin of Leproust (miss her)
Tights: We Love Colors in Navy
Shoes: Target

*My favorite place to shop, Local Honey had a grand re-opening/shop-warming party on Saturday night.  Tons of fun and killer cocktails made with Hawaiian Punch.
**Well actually it was hot chocolate.
***I don't typically go to 80s dance parties... just got invited to one.  It was also a goth night too.  Talk about people watching.  Wow!  I wore the outfit above and claimed I was New Wave 80s grunge?


  1. i love it!! so much that i'm green with envy! (wish i had a UO closer to neighborhood.) i agree, it looks a lot more sophisticated than just any old animal sweater..and it looks great on you!

  2. Unless you REALLY look, you can't tell? Pssh... It screams polar bear. Thus, it screams awesome. Also loving the navy tights.

  3. That sweater instantly put a smile on my face... love pieces like that!

  4. This outfit is way too cute. Looooove the polar bear. I'm going on 24 and I have a sweater with a giraffe on it. Haha I'll never grow out of it.


  5. Love the sweater! I don't think I could refuse an 80s party, or any dance party for that matter. It's the only chance I ever get to bust my awesome (okay, horrible and embarrassing) moves.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. ohmygod. i LOVE this sweater!!!! i saw it online and was tempted to get it! very cute :)

  7. Anonymous3:28 PM

    omg so adorable! Love it!! xx

  8. Your polar bear sweater is so adorable!

  9. Your polar bear rocks! It doesn't matter how old we are, the only thing that matters is how old we FEEL we are :)

    Time and Space Traveler

  10. That sweater is so cute! Don't worry I am also 26 and I have a sweater with a jaguar on it and a sweater with a tiger on it. I am not ashamed.

  11. ahaha... i love the sweater! You're so cute. Polar bears always make me think of LOST and LOST makes me warm and fuzzy... so this sweater makes me warm and fuzzy!

  12. I"m a little late on this but I adore that sweater!!! I think it looks great on you. The claws on the sleeves might be my favorite part!



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