Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eye of the Tiger or Orange You Glad I Didn't Say...

When Sam and I end up playing Rock Band together, for some reason when our band is on tour, I always end up singing Eye of the Tiger three times, at least.  I'm excellent at it though.  That's all I have to say about that.

So I hinted in Monday's post about having a pretty cruddy Friday.  Most of it was my own fault... not waking up on time, not picking my clothes out the day before, not washing my hair, worrying about the ice on the road... so by the time I actually got on the road, I realized I had left my shoes at my house.  My rain boots are not work appropriate.  It's not like they have chippendale's dancers on them, but they are just pink, printed and loud.  Yes, I am making up excuses as to why I bought this dress.  But, I will say the following; it is super super on sale right now, I had been wanting it for a while and had been watching it.  I was weak yet hopeful on Friday.  So, I bought it.  I guess because of the desire for it, it wasn't completely un-meditated.  Its not like I bought something crazy expensive.  But that is just it.  The cost of an item is not my problem... its the sum of all the items.  I do love the dress though.  But, I did learn that it is so easy for me to slip back into that habit.

Also, these tights are "rust" but I don't know if they could get any MORE orange.  I like it though.  It worked.  And these boots are making their blog debut but I've been wearing them for a while.  I really wanted a pair of black boots, but wanted some that looked a little tough.  Lace ups on the back definitely equal "tough" and a little bit of "don't mess with this".

Cardigan: Gap, but I replaced the buttons
Dress: Kensie (get it here)
Belt: J.Crew
Tights: Rust, We Love Colors
Boots: DSW

Finally, I picked the winner for the Shabby Apple Giveaway.  Just wanting to hear back from the winner before I announce it.


  1. Go Buckeye's! Chesli should have had this outfit in high school :)

  2. are you as over this weather as i am?!

    I love this outfit. I like how you put everything together. And the rust rights don't look nearly as bright on here as I know they look in person. I was surprised when I got mine that they were so orange... I expected them to have more of a brown tone in them.

  3. What a fabulous dress!!! I'm so glad you got it and I really love how you pulled out the rust/orange with the tights. So cute!

  4. Isn't it weird how different the tights look in real life? I am totally in love with my navy We Love Colors pair because of this. Much brighter than in pictures.

    I am trying not to spend money on clothes this year but tights aren't included as "clothes"!

  5. I love this dress with these tights. The color is just great! Cute look,

  6. cute look!

  7. i have the same rust tights from WLC, and they are VERY orange!!! not quite what i was expecting, but i do love them....a lot :)

  8. i love this outfit, seriously. I can't picture myself in a leopard dress but it looks so natural on you!

  9. I'm WAY behind in blog reading, so sorry for the delayed comment, but I love this outfit. The orange tights give the whole thing a different vibe and a fun edge that it wouldn't have had if you went with a safe black pair of tights. Love it. - Katy

  10. Wow that dress is so super duper on sale but, I understand your nervousness about falling back into it. I won't validate it by saying it's ok because you had a bad day but, I will say if you love it and your comfortable with it then it's good to go!

  11. I love the pop of color in those rust tights! I was just over at We Love Colors site filling my cart with new colored tights. Gonna have to add a pair of these.



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