Friday, December 17, 2010


Want to know a secret?  I have actually never attended a tacky Christmas sweater party.  I know... I know.  Just add this demerit to my list of non-hipster things.  But to be honest, I wore enough tacky Christmas sweaters in my childhood that I don't really want to wear anymore.  (I'll try and dig up some while I'm home for Christmas).

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine said to leave this evening open because him and his girlfriend would be hosting a different kind of Christmas party... A Mad Men themed Christmas party.  Even though I have committed the ultimate fashion sin and have not seen an episode of Mad Men (its on my list okay!), I was incredibly excited.

I have been planning my outfit for days but just haven't had the time or energy to put together everything so I will definitely be making do with what I have.  But what else is a reformed shopaholic to do.  I have tons of 60s inspired clothing, and some pretty fantastic make up skills... and I am from Texas... I know how to tease my hair.

So if money were not an option, this would be the outfit I would put together.  I am so excited to wear my dress that I made to wear for my birthday party again.  I promise to get pictures this time.  I promise its way better than the ASOS dress I picked out.  The one thing from this selection (okay maybe three things I wish I had) are the green polka dot tights, the gloves, and of course those stellar YSL mohawk shoes.  Uh-mazing.

Tribal Post Earring
$14 -
Post earrings »

Candy Cane Brooch
$10 -
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Outdoor Christmas Decorations - 36" Red Velvet Bow w/Gold Trim

What are your plans for the weekend?  How many tack Christmas sweaters do you own?

Go out and have a fantastic Friday, drink some eggnog.. go ahead eat those cookies sitting in the office break room.  Its Friday!  You deserve it.


  1. OOOOHHHH thanks for giving me permission to go eat that snickerdoodle that is calling my name. Have fun at the party

  2. Love that dress! I have a couple of nice LBDs but still feel the need for a showstopping fire engine red one, too.

    I have no tacky Christmas sweaters! This must be remedied. Off to find a pattern...

  3. I love Kate Spade stuff, so naturally those tights are amazing. I've never seen that show either, despite my love for fashion, but only because I hate TV. So I totally don't judge. ( ; Have fun at yo party! xo

  4. Can I just say welcome back to regular blogging! We've missed you around these here parts. - Katy

  5. This website runs through a lot of the outfits on Mad Men. I found the show really boring to watch, so this saved me the trouble, at least sartorially.

  6. cute! did you end up making to the party? my folks and i left around 11 i think...guess we missed you! hope you had fun : )

  7. Alas, I have only one slightly tacky Christmas sweater! Those YSL shoes are crazy cool!



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