Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just One More Cup of Coffee

I love a good cup of coffee.  In many instances, I own my coffee snobbery.  However, my coffee snobbery is well deserved.  In college, I volunteered at a coffee shop run by my college ministry where we served some of the finest brew I had ever encountered at the tender age of 19. The company that provided us the coffee made sure that it was fresh roasted and that the farmers who grew the beans were treated more than fairly.  When I moved to Nashville and knew I would need a second job, barista-ship was my calling.  I started working at a franchise here in Nashville that made sure the beans were top notch.  We roasted the beans maybe 15 feet away from where we brewed them.  Some people will just drink whatever sludge is hot and caffienated, but when you have had great coffee...  Oh, man.  You know what origin suits your taste buds.  You know what roasts suit those origins best.  But most of all, you know the sweet smoothe taste of beans roasted yesterday versus beans roasted (or burnt really), freeze-dried, and vacuum packed last month.

Often I go through phases of wanting something sweet and creamy.  My go to flavor is caramel or hazelnut.  One of the simple joys in my life is sitting with a giant mug of caramel latte, covered in whip cream, devouring the topping with a spoon as the steamed milk cools.  Pure bliss.

When I'm making it in my own kitchen however, my means are simpler.  Good coffee (not great) and a little milk go a long way.  Definitely kept me warm while taking these glamour shots.  I did a little bit of a darker smokey eye than I usually do.  Something I've realized I can get away with more with red-hair than with dirty blonde.  I used a dark gray plum on my lower lid, with a little purple inside the crease.

By the way, my new favorite sweater says hello.  I shall call her Frenchy because I definitely feel so Parisian and chic.  Not to mention that this is the softest sweater I own.  Don't believe me?  Well, if you see me out in public and I'm wearing this sweater... just run up and hug me.  For real, I'm serious.  I'll probably hug back.  PS- check out my major want pants.  I eyed these pants for months at G-A-P.  These are the boy fit trousers.  Right now they are on sale, and they rock.

Sweater: Pins and Needles, Urban Outfitters
Pants: Gap, Boy Fit
Socks: Olive Knee Socks, by We Love Colors
Shoes: Nine West, DSW
Necklace: gift, from Africa

For the record, my two favorite coffee bean origin and roast combinations are French Roast Brazil and a Medium Roast Kenya.  Delightful!


  1. i feel you, girl. i cannot drink a bad cup of coffee. i cant even drink whats in our office. one of my bosses decided that its very "european" (?!) to grind the coffee and then MICROWAVE the grounds before brewing..?!??!! its disgusting! luckily, we have a few amazing local coffee places that roast their own!

  2. Oh how I love coffee too.
    Love your sock color showing off there!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. I love a good cup of coffee but will settle for anything hopped up with caffeine in the morning.

  4. Love the new sweater, and you're right it is oh so Parisian. - Katy

  5. I love a good cup of coffee but, I generally drink tea for a caffine boost. Coffee is all about the special flavor, I'm am a snob too and not ok with any old thing... That sweater is tre chic!



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