Monday, December 13, 2010


These pictures are from yesterday.  Around noon on Sunday, SNOWfall began.  And it continued and continued on into the night.  My Texas roots begin to show when it comes to snow though.  It is still such a treat to see the ground covered in all the beautiful white snow.  Love it.

But, it is cold outside.  I have been bundled up inside, drinking hot tea, eating chili, wrapping presents, and watching Now and Then on Netflix. 

With it being so cold outside, isn't it fantastic that I got this fabulous new coat?  This coat is actually my first purchase in a year.  I admired it on and was so thankful they had it available in the store.  I love how it flares out at the hips. 

Coat: Anthropologie
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: DSW
Hat: handmade gift from a friend!


  1. That is a fun winter coat!

  2. You are flipping adorable.

  3. I love that coat! Great first purchase for sure! I cannot believe that is has snowed this early in December in TN. It's so weird. But I confess that I love it too. We only got about 2.5 inches, but it sounded like Nashville was getting a whole lot more. Stay safe!

  4. that coat is adorbs! love it.

  5. Love the coat! I like to stay inside too when it's freezing!

  6. your new coat is snazzy

  7. Yay for snow!! I'm lovingggg it. You look so cozy - I need to get out in it and play! xo

  8. AH! I was so excited when it snowed & when Now & Then was put on netflix instant watch. Oh how I still love that movie! Your cute is super duper cute =)



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