Friday, December 31, 2010

Five Things I Am Glad Are Over Friday

In honor of one of the bestest blog friends a girl could ask for... Yes, I'm talking to you Robyn.  I'm going to get this end of the year wrap up on Twitch Vintage style...

Top 5 Bad Turned Good Things in 2010

1.  Losing My Job

Now looking back on it I can see that I did feel really stuck in my previous job.  I'm really happy in my job now... really happy.  However, I preface this saying that being on the job hunt sucks.  I technically got a huge lesson in failure.

2.  Flood

Being "homeless" while trying to figure out whether our house was going to be livable again, was frightening.  I did not handle stress well at that time, and everyday felt like a struggle.  But, I learned a lot about myself in this.  I got to see how loved I was by my friends and family.  Before it was something I took for granted, now its something I dearly cherish. 

3. Losing Friends, Losing Loved Ones

This year there was a lot of loss in the lives of myself and my friends.  Whether its loss of relationships, death, growing apart...  in some aspect there is good in all of this.  When we lose the people we love in these ways, we can see why they were so important to us, and what we loved so much about them.  It is also a time to judge how we move on without them in our lives anymore.

4.  Goodbye 450 Facebook Friends

Yes, I deleted 450 "friends" from facebook (aka 450 time suckers).  Quick explanation, I went to a university that was one of the first to get facebook.  I had over 800 friends from either college or high school or summer camp campers and counselors.  As I started going through my news feed, I just got tired of reading either stupid and idiotic political rants, drunken pictures, or updates from people I really don't care about anymore.  Curiosity is not enough to keep someone close...  (that should be on a poster or something).  So I deleted them.  I really only wanted to keep people that I genuinely cared about.  This is also a bit bigger.  The past few years of my life I have been carefully editing acquaintances.  My personality type is the one that is introverted and only shares my life with a few people.  Sometimes I think my blog is one giant collective person....  So, that is the good that came out of letting go of 450 facebook friends.  Besides, I don't want to be reminded of people who either deeply hurt me at some point in my life, or who have no idea that facebook is not an appropriate place to have a debate going on about your personal beliefs.  That should be over coffee or margaritas or wine.

5.  I didn't shop for a year.

Uh.. duh of course this makes the cut.  At the time it felt awful but then it started to be just fine.  But in a bigger way it helped me conquer some major hurdles in my life and I also gave me a chance to start a blog and make some very dear friends.  I made friends that I cherish and if it wasn't for this blog, or blogging in general, I wouldn't even know who they are.  You ladies know who you are!

So 2010, in some ways you really sucked... a LOT.  But I'm glad you happened.  Cheers to 2011!!

And sincerely, Happy New Year everyone.  So glad I have been able to share this year with you.


  1. Wow, I love the idea of your Facebook purge. I have thought about doing that as well. Congrats on surviving 2010!! Cheers to 2011 :)

  2. Good for you for finding the good in all the bad you had to go through this year! I hope you have the best year ever in 2011!!

  3. fantastic post! i go through fb phases too, where I just shut the whole thing down, and I at times, notice myself getting annoyed by peoples rants/drunk pics/whatnots, and you almost have to stop yourself and say "you don't care about this person, why let it affect you?"... anyway! happy new year! lots of love from canada!

  4. Wow, you had a pretty momentous year! I'm still reeling at the deletion of 450 facebook "friends" - that's an insane number. I periodically purge my account too and try to only keep the people that a) I actually know (not just met once at a party or went to junior high with and haven't spoken since) and b) that I actually care about what they think, do, etc. and know that they feel the same. Let's just say it always stays at about 300 people ranging from the very very close friends to the more acquaintance types that I nonetheless chat with from time to time to get reacquainted.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. well put. happy new year, lady!

  6. Wow, wish I wasn't so slow on the ball reading stuff or the latest news with the cool chicks such as yourself.
    Anyhoo - this post was "the awesome" for sure :) I totally appreciate the genuine but realistic positive look on some key and previously sucky seeming experiences.
    Here's to an awesome new year good lady! I'm sure you'll do amazing ;)



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