Monday, November 22, 2010

The Only Place I Want to be When I Get Home from Work

This past week, I think I was still in recovery mode from my birthday weekend.  It probably didn't help that I went to see Harry Potter 7.1 at midnight on Thursday.  Yes, I am one of those people.

The second picture is how I feel when I get home from work.  Oh, and this is my bed.  Yes it is as amazingly comfortable as it looks. 

Hey... can I tell you a little secret?  I went shopping.  The funny thing is I've spent all but one gift card in a week... but my closet NEEDED it.  I still need to go through and pull out the clothes that I kept just to hoard.  I am excited to showcase some of my new stuff on here.

Well, I mentioned last week that there are going to be some changes going on around the blog.  The first order of business is a major series regarding all the things I learned about not shopping for a year.  Some of it will be about fashion, but get ready to hear about a lot of difficult struggles that happened this year and what came out of them.

Second order of business, I will not be posting outfits as frequently.  I realized something.  I follow a lot of blogs where blogging is their job.  They don't do anything else but blog...  and somehow their husbands or boyfriends are professional photographers?  Well kids, I'm not that.  I was holding myself to the standards of these super bloggers, when the reality is:

I work a full-time job (that is intense and AMAZING).  I head to work early and by the time I get off from work its DARK.

The only person who takes my pictures is me (and sometimes Sam).  So this means, I have to go out into the park on my lunch break at work and pray that someone doesn't think I'm a lunatic.

I work in a strictly business casual environment.  Not only are denim cutoffs just not even an option, shorts period are not an option.  Because of the nature of the office I work in, we don't get casual Fridays.  But, I actually really love getting dressed and looking profresh each day.  And even more so, I really really love my job and the office I work in and the people I work with.

The conclusion?  The focus of this blog is going to change slightly.  I realized I really LOVE writing about finances especially being someone very fashion forward but on a crazy strict budget.  I realized there are SO many young women my age, that struggle with looking boring or like a librarian when they go to work.  I also really love talking about work appropriate attire. 

So if you want to join me on this ride, buckle your seat belts and hold on because I am excited to see where this takes me.

PS- The outfit.

Bolo (as in bolo-mania): vintage yard sale at Fanny's
Sweater: pins and needles, urban outfitters
Skirt: thrifted, old navy
Shoes: DSW, Nine West


  1. Anonymous7:54 PM

    cute outfit. good luck on new blog adventure

  2. Oh hey, I'm a librarian and we're don't all dress boring! I just discovered your blog and I'm really interested to see your new direction. I enjoy your writing!

  3. First, let me say these photos are beautiful! Second, I know exactly what you mean! We take photos during coffee breaks! Fast and furious!

    As much as I love blogging, career that pays comes first! So, what is it that you do?

    Third, just found your blig today, love it!

  4. your bed does look comfy and I am the same way after work. Looking forward to the revamping of your blog

  5. your bed looks SO comfy! I'm hoping to make mine like that soon :)

    I just had a realization about my blogging as well and I feel a lot more inspired..its easy to fall into a rut and feel not good enough

  6. Love the shoes and well.. the whole outfit! Oh and your bed does look super comfy - I'm totes jelly...

  7. hey there, so which White Stripes film did you get to see in Nashville, I have seen Under the Great Northern Lights but thats the only one. My fave album of theirs is hands down Get Behind Me Satan although White Blood Cells is a close second. Whats yours?

  8.'re my hero, you never fail to make me laugh. OH THE HORROR, seriously-can I tell you how happy that made me to see you write those very words! haha, haha, haha! And I'm very excited you pointed out all these aspects of blogging and how its really just not practical for full-time working girls like ourselves to have full time fashion-y blogs; so I'm right there with you and I will continue to follow your blog and love it just as much no matter what direction you take it in! Talk soon.......

  9. looking forward to more posts about finances! I keep a strict budget and don't use a credit card so i'm always interested to hear how other women stay fashionable without being in debt. Also - I totally feel you on the outfit photo thing. I too had to resolve not to keep up with the pro-bloggers who seem to live with professional photographers to take their photos every day. I either snap mine in bad light in my apartment before going to work or try to snag a friend between 9 and 5 who can take my photo. So far I've just been doing 1 outfit photo a week and it seems to be working out.



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