Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Go Karts and Golfing

Sometimes you just need to go blow off some steam.  Even if that includes riding around on go karts and playing some mini golf.  Sam had been wanting to go ride go karts for a long time.  There is a place over by Opryland that has arcade stuff, and go karts and 36 holes of mini golf!  Including one of those total gag holes where it goes down the ramp and into a hole and into another green and then another hole.  Oh it was amazing.  Usually, the whole Opryland area is just a little too touristy for me but this was fun.

Just want to say that sorry if this blog is lacking heart.  I'm throwing a lot of energy into finding a job and it is definitely taking its toll.

What am I wearing?

Plaid shirt: American Eagle
White tank top: Gap
Green shorts: Old Navy
Shoes: Red Canvas Classics Women's TOMS Shoes


  1. Finding a job is much more important! Don't worry about us. :)

  2. we take our adults with disabilities out there a lot - love that course! glad y'all had a fun night out!!!

  3. YAY! I haven't played mini golf in so long! I love the outfit looks comfy! And man I have no energy for dressing nice or blogging cause I have an art show coming up. Real life comes first :)

  4. hey there, just found your blog and am quite impressed. I think you need a new follower and her name shall be Amber Blue Bird. BTW I need those red shoes!

  5. You're so cute! Love the blog and your pictures. i also need to find a mini golf place near me to de-stress!! I'd love to be a kid again :)


  6. Cute outfit, love the red shoes!



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