Monday, July 19, 2010

Ciao Roma!

Oh Monday.  I am in need of a cup of coffee and perhaps a nap?  I had a very full weekend.  I finally got my dining room table cleaned off for the first time since I had moved in.  I had a killer work out since the buns of steel incident and I will say that I'm not feeling it as hard as I was the first day.  I am really enjoying working out and eating healthier.  I feel great!

However this morning I am definitely dragging.  I just cannot wake up this morning!  So this outfit.  I decided to give a tribute to all my Italian friends (two of my best friends are both Italian!).  I'm sporting the colors of Italy!  I wore this on Thursday to work and then hang with friends.  It was insanely hot on Thursday.... painfully hot

Shirt: hand me down from Adrienne
Skirt: borrowed from Adrienne
Shoes: Beacon's Closet

Stay tuned for a give away to be posted later!  It is in celebration of my soon to be 250 days of not shopping for clothing!


  1. Your makeup looks great!!

  2. Ciao! Love the lipstick.



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