Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is not a dress

Although it was easy for this so to be confused as a dress, it was not.  I wore this to work (with a jacket over it) and then out for my friend Bryan's birthday.  I plan on posting pictures from that night later today or tomorrow. 

Thank you everyone for you comments.  I am going to get back to each one whether its through your blog or e-mail or something.  Some of them were really tough to read, but thank you for your honesty.  Big surprise coming up later this morning that I am excited to share!

Oh by the way, I think this whole outfit cost about $30 and half of that is the shoes.  Get ready to be impressed.

Gray tank: Target ($1)
Red elastic belt: Forever 21 ($4)
Brown skirt: Urban Outfitters ($10)
Michael Kors Brown Platform Sandals: Beacon's Closet ($15)
Necklace: handed down from my Mamaw, free
Oh and not included in the total is my sunglasses which are also from Beacon's Closet

Question:  Does anyone want me to do a hair and/or make up tutorial? 


  1. Oh girl, this look is freakin fabulous! There is just something about the mixing of neutrals that warms my cold black heart. You are pure genius!!

  2. i have the same skirt in navy blue. i love's so comfy, but i have passed over it day after day, week after week because i could not figure out how to piece an outfit together with it. i LOVE this. and i'm going to take your idea, tweak it for me and run with it. thanks, friend!

  3. I have a similar skirt too! And here I was thinking about donating it, Maybe not this time!

    I'd love to see some tutorials since we are similar coloring, blondish white girls :), and I need more ideas for my hair!!

  4. I have that same skirt and I am wearing it right now. The end!

  5. Now I comment on your blog about your comment... Blogger really needs a reply button. Yes my skirt was the one from target!

  6. love seeing fellow nashvillians around on the blogosphere! especially since we share mutual friends! :D


  7. Love the color palette of this look!

  8. Seriously, lately you make me laugh harder than any other blog buddy around. Your comments about the teenagers wanting to be America's Next Top Model in the Coach ad made me nearly spew my juice thru my nose!
    And I am impressed by your $30 outfit, and yay for the sunnies from BEacon's Closet!

  9. LOVE this outfit - especially the big red belt!



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