Monday, May 03, 2010

The Water Keeps Rising

It was incredibly eerie going to sleep last night knowing that in the morning you would wake up and finally be able to see a glimpse of the tremendous flood damage that happened to your city.  I am not going to say much about the floods in Nashville other than its much much worse than it looks on TV.  There are probably thousands of people who have lost their homes to the flood waters and who will not be able to go back to their homes to assess the damage for days.  The Cumberland River flows through downtown and is now flowing into ancient buildings along the river.  I could not peel myself away from the television yesterday because the aerial shots of the heavily flooded areas were just so devastating.  It doesn't seem real.  There were people being rescued by boat not even two miles from my house.

I am fine.  Mine and my roommates house is fine.  My boyfriend's house is fine, and all but one of my coworkers houses are fine.  We are fine, but there are thousands of others who are not.  If you believe in the power of prayer (and I do), please pray for our city.  Nashville has never experienced flooding like this EVER.

An acquaintance of mine put together this beautiful video.  Please take the time to watch it:

Rachel at MouseVox is selling her vintage to raise money for the flood victims.  If you can please donate to the Red Cross. 

I'm off to go start cleaning out the basement at my office.  It had 5 inches of water in it yesterday, no telling where its at now.  


  1. Stay safe. You are all in my thoughts. XO

  2. Oh wow, I have family in Nashville but had no idea this was happening - the British press is too caught up in election coverage to mention it. Best of luck to you.

  3. Glad you're doing okay! Been lurking a while, haven't commented until now. :) I live in Franklin, and although my house stayed mostly safe and dry, there was a lot of damage nearby.

    What's been so frustrating to me is how NO ONE (outside of the areas that have been affected) seems to be aware of what's going on or how bad it is.

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    This video flored Something so terrible captured so beautifully. My heart goes out to everyone there, prayers as well.



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