Monday, April 19, 2010

Remember that time...

Hi.  Remember when I had a blog, and I updated it frequently and I was not in Dallas at a conference?  Those were good times, and no need to worry because I am BACK!  I had a great, restful, although unproductive weekend (unless you call catching up on the previous two episodes of Lost productive).  Anyways, before I left, I took some pictures of myself by a tree and tried to place my body so you would not see the neighbors trash bins.

Oh what is that you see?  Something you have never seen before?  Something VERY pretty?

A few weeks ago I got some wonderful news.  I had won the Jess LC jewelery give away from Selective Potential!  I could not be more stoked about this.  This necklace has been in HEAVY rotation.  It is incredibly simple and elegant!  I really love it!  Thank you to Tieka for hosting this give away and thank you so much to Jess LC for creating such beautiful pieces of art! 

(PS- with this much of a close up on my chest... haha, I wanted to address one small thing.  I have a big pink scar on my chest, yes I do.  I have had it since high school, and its annoying and not very pretty but its there regardless.  I'm going to be undergoing some treatment (AGAIN) to reduce the size and color of it, which should be interesting.  Basically, I have to get shots of cortisone into the scar... oh and yes its painful... REALLY painful). 

Forest green silk blouse: Trulli, Buffalo Exchange Denver, CO
Skinny jeans: Forever 21
Division Chevron Rectangle Necklace: Jess LC, giveaway from Selective Potential
Black Strappy Wedges: Target


  1. Amberly9:52 AM

    u r beautiful!

  2. i have 2 keloided scars on my stomach from having moles removed... I don't like them at all... but nothing seems to help mine since they are keloids... the boyfriend keeps trying to convince me that they're beautiful. I'm not convinced yet... makes bathing suit season a task where it had never been before.

  3. So much to say. I had to start over again, and refocus. Okay, blog comment (take two.)

    1. I can't speak for everyone else, but I sure missed you.
    2. Yay for giveaway wins!
    3. I was trying to include Jess LC jewelry in my five things friday post, and could not for the life of me find the bookmark or remember the name... It annoyed me all weekend.
    4. You look fantastic.

  4. the necklace is gorgeous and I love the teal color on you!

  5. Everything here is perfect with your coloring!


  7. Sorry, I thought my first comment didn't go through, then pasted what I thought was my comment but was something else!

  8. Hi Alyson,

    So glad you like your new necklace, it looks great on you!

    Have a great day,

  9. Oh I love this color and you look gorgeous in it too! Love the dark lipstick with the rich color of the blouse--stunning!



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