Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Naked Without Us - Kick Off Party

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of last night, so this will just be a picture free post.  So my friend Amberly and I headed to Hard Rock Cafe downtown.  Which ironically after living in Nashville as long as I have, I had never been to the Hard Rock.  They do have a wonderful roof top patio that I really enjoyed seeing the activity on Broadway.  It was definitely a beautiful for night for drinks, music, and of course fashion.

Because we were two of the first fifty people in the door, we were greeted with a free pint glass and some lovely Yazoo Brew.  Magic Hat was also there providing free drinks.  Although, Amberly and I called the night early, we definitely had fun.  I got the chance to talk with Mary of MaryInk whose stuff is also being sold on modcloth these days!  I also go to talk with local Nashville designer Amy Breen of amy b.  I am excited to see her show this week and I'm even contemplating wearing my amy b dress that I won. 

Of course, I also got to hang with Kristin of Leproust Vintage.  I am so excited for her, because she is the official blogger for Naked Without Us this week.  Knowing that I will be able to see a friendly face throughout all of the shows, will be really amazing and comforting! 

I will say that the event was a little intimidating.  There were so many tall models (I'm 5'5" with heels, 5'8") towering over me.  Also, so many people that knew each other.  They also had someone there interviewing people (again really tall).  It was just one of those moments where I walked through the door and immediately felt insecure and my confidence dwindled.  On top of all of this, when I told someone that I had a fashion blog he replied saying, "What's that?".  Oh Nashville, you have a long way to go...  (The guy also kept calling my friend softball since he met her yesterday at a softball game).  It did make me so thankful for the fashion blogger community though.  I am so thankful that even in mainstream fashion events, I always know that there are people who like to hear what I have to say. 

Don't worry though, that little hiccup isn't going to get me down!  I will stand up for fashion bloggers and rally!  We are here and we have a say as to what goes on in fashion!  Tonight is an industry mixer from 6-8pm at Rumors East in East Nashville, and then music at the Rutledge.  Again check out the Naked Without Us events page for full details on the evening's festivities. 


  1. This sounds intimidating and exciting. I kind of wish I could have been there... minus the whole tall people thing. Tall people annoy me.

  2. Sounds fun and definitely intimidating. I have to say I've spent way too much time at the hard rock. It's one of our pre titans came rituals or something to eat there.



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