Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Killer Coral & DIY Necklace

Yes, this post is very picture heavy.  Sam was taking shots of me in this outfit, and they just kept turning out better and better. 

Can I just get something off my chest?  I had the oddest morning.  I decided to forego washing my hair this morning so I could sleep in a little bit, and I was going to use the new dry shampoo that I got.  BIG MISTAKE.  I understand that dry shampoo gives a certain amount of texture and "dirty" volume to the hair...  giving a little fun bedhead-ish style.  However, this stuff made my hair look so dirty, the last time it was that dirty looking, I was in Mexico on a mission trip and couldn't wash my hair for a week.  DISGUSTING!  So, I had to emergency shampoo my hair and spray on some leave in conditioner and get my bangs dry before running out the door.  If anyone has any dry shampoo tips, let me know, I'd love to hear them.

Okay, I feel better.  Onto the outfit!!!  I was so excited at how GREAT this outfit turned out.  Last Monday night I decided to work on a little DIY necklace project while I was watching Gossip Girl.  There really was nothing to this... I just took a black t-shirt, cut it into strips and started playing around with knots and shapes.  I wish I had some better shots of the blazer.  It is a khaki and white striped blazer with 3/4 sleeves and lots of cute pockets.  I was a youth leader for my church back in my hometown for an event one weekend 5 or 6 years ago, and I had completely forgot to bring something to wear to church that Sunday.  I maniacally ran into Old Navy during an hour of free time we had, and pulled together this outfit of light blue chinos and this jacket.  The chinos are long gone, but this little jacket has stayed with me.  I just loved the shape and the stripes are adorable.  Moving on, the skirt was a fabulous thrift store find at a hidden gem here in Nashville.  I think I paid $4 for it.  Its most likely vintage, and 100% silk with pockets and its in AMAZING condition. 

Khaki and White striped jacket: Old Navy
White V-Neck T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Dark Coral Silk Skirt: Vintage, My Sister's Closet (Consignment Store)
Black Pumps: Vintage, Clothing XChange
Black Jersey Necklace: DIY, made by me!


  1. cute outfit! i love the color combo of white, black, and coral.

  2. I think I would call that accessory a narf. Cross between necklace and scarf :-)

  3. This skirt is such a lovely color!

    I also struggle with dry shampoo. I have really fine thin straight hair and I think it actively resists anything other than a wet shampoo. Youtube has some tutorials: one makes use of a blowdryer that I guess blows away the dry shampoo once it's done it's job. I've yet to make it work for me :(

  4. I know nothing of dry shampoo... my hair is curly. When I sleep on my hair it begins to form dreadlocks, no exaggeration. I feel that applying dry shampoo to said dreadlocks would only cause further damage. Sorry I can be no help.

    Great outfit, and great photos btw. When I am having an "on" photo day, I post way too many pics. It makes me feel better when I am having an off photo day.

  5. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I found some decent spray in dry shampoo a few years ago and I found that although my hair didn't feel any cleaner, it always looked good after using it. Have you tried aerosol spray in dry shampoo?

    Sarah W.

  6. Great job. I think the necklace really makes the outfit.

  7. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Dude that necklace is awesome.

    I have no shampoo advice. Every day is a hair emergency in my house. Haha.

  8. nice outfit! and I will have to hit up that store next time I'm in Nashville.

  9. Great necklace! As for the dry shampoo, I've had the same results as you. I have fine hair, and based on Kelly's comment above - am thinking it just doesn't work for all hair types. :(
    XO Piper



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