Monday, February 22, 2010

What Inspires Me - Blog It Forward

Today I am participating in a Blog it Forward mashup about what inspires me.  A few weeks ago Victoria from sfgirlbybay put a calling out to bloggers to see who would be interested in doing a mash up of what inspires them, boy was she surpised when a whooping 300 bloggers replied.  I am so thrilled to be a part of this.  Thank you so much to Brooke from always time for tea for introducing me on Friday.

Now, I want to get pretty specific about the things that inspire me and allow you to step into my world just for a short moment.  The world I live in is full of inspiration and emotion.

Flash Mob Marketing

I am a total sucker for a good flash mob.  For some reason the dancing, the singing, everything literally causes me to get emotional.  Not kidding.  I cry.  I get a big dopey smile on my face, and I cry.  I have identified that it is because so many different people are all able to connect with one another because of a similar experience.  When they grow old they will always have this memory of when they saw this giant musical dance number performed on their way to work or that they participated in a giant Beatles sing a long.  I have really enjoyed some of the recent flash mobs but I think that the "Hey Jude" one is my favorite.  This video really does just make me cry!


I get really excited when the seasons begin to change, because I begin to change.  Winter is a darker period for me.  I turn inward, and take this time to dive deep into my soul and search out myself.  Spring brings a lightness and excitement, shaking off that winter soul searching and coming out changed and new.  Summer is laid back, and I turn into a little hippie child.  I braid my hair, wear flowy skirts, and often walk around without shoes on.  Finally, fall is a celebration of beauty and of the chill, fresh, air.  This year as I have begun to be more mindful of my feelings and emotions, I have tuned into the fact that I am ready for spring and that sunshine and warmth elicit positivity.


Lately, I am beginning to deal with what it means to be a friend to someone.  Overall, when I look back on my life, I regret not being a better friend to people when they needed it.  Because of the love I share for my friends and family, this inspires me to be a better person, a better daughter, a better friend.  I want to let my friends know how deeply I love them and that if it was not for them, how drastically different my life would be.  I want to a better job of showing love to others.  Whether its giving a wave to people, or being sincere when I ask how people are.  I started this blog, yes because I love fashion but also because of the tons of friends that I have lost connection with over the years.  This blog is my way of reaching out, putting my life out there in hopes that I can reconnect with them.  The great thing is that it has, and that makes me so happy.  It inspires me everyday.


As I write this part, I'm going to get really really mushy.  Sorry.  I have mentioned several times about how such an inspiration Sam is to me.  You see, Sam is a musician and, in my unbiased opinion, a GREAT musician.  His motivation for achieving his dreams, inspires me to achieve mine.  He does not put up with my excuses but he will listen to them.  He speaks truth to me, when I believe too many lies.  He gets excited with me when people comment on my blog, or when I make something, or when I just talk about how excited I am to start something.  We dream together; we dream limitlessly.

What inspires you?  What spurs you on to keep going?  What makes you jump for joy and dance around the room?  What makes your heart glow deep inside?

I now pass this torch onto the next in line, ami ami .  Continue to follow all of the bloggers participating in the mash up by going to sfgirlbybay blog it forward.


  1. Great post, Alyson! Spring makes me into a hippie child too. In fact, I can't wait for it to get here! I also like what you said about what it takes to be a good friend: a really loyal, there-for-them friend. It's hard. It's a lot more challenging than I ever used to think. But the benefits are so much better: deeper trust and friendship, which is so valuable!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. great post. thought it was wonderful take to share in text.

  3. Such a thoughtful, beautiful post. I especially like your way of describing the seasons. I love them too!

  4. Sweet post. I liked the last part; not enough mushiness these days if you ask me!

  5. cute blog! i like the idea of a flash mob too.

  6. Nice post! Love it :)

  7. That Trafalgar Square video made my day. Awesome list for blog it forward!

  8. wonderful post- especially the part about the season!
    thanks for sharing.
    cheers, bine

  9. good post,thank you for share



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