Friday, February 12, 2010

Fashion Tip Friday - How to dress for an interview

One of my super amazing sweet friends has an important interview to go to and came to me asking, "What do I wear?"  The problem is the interview says business suit.  Now, what do you do when you do not have a business suit?  Here are just some pieces of advice on how to look professsional and polished without looking like you stepped out of a womens suit factory.

Of course you will want to keep in mind hat you will want to ere on the side of conservative.  This may not be your best moment to bust out those hot red pumps or bright yellow tights.  Keep things looking classic and smart.  For some major inspiration check out the women's work lookbook at Banana Republic or J.Crew.  If you can, try to copy one of those looks using my guide on how to copy someone's look

Separates are going to be your key.  Try and dress in the same color pallate or even in the same color.  If you go for black, you will want to make sure that your blacks match and that one hasn't started to fade.  Your key items will be a blazer (or jacket), blouse, skirt or pants.  Don't have a blazer? Don't worry.  Head to the little boys department at Good Will and you should be able to pick one up on the cheap.  It will also look perfectly on trend for the season. Wear black socks, or nude trouser socks, and if you are wearing a skirt, wear hose.  I know it seems out dated but so is making someone wear a suit to work.  Besides the last thing you want your interviewer to notice, is the huge bruise on your shin from getting out of the bathtub that morning (I always hit my shins on the side of the tub, never fails). 

Use the old accessorie rule; take one off before walking out the door.  As I have said, be conservative.  Be yourself, but be conservative. 

Finally just a couple of small rules that I have picked up in my years of theater performance, job interviewing, and what not...

  • Sew your pockets shut.  Putting your hands in your pockets portrays shyness and lack of confidence.  Even if its just a few safety pins or whip stitches, keep your hands out.
  • Check your nails.  If the polish is chipping, go ahead and take it off.  
  • Wear lipstick or gloss.  You want to make a positive impression, and having a stellar smile will definitely help.
  • Pull your hair back.  You don't want to be fidgeting with your hair and tucking it behind your ears or twirling it as you are talking.  Again, a confidence issue.
  • Don't chew gum during an interview, spit it out before you walk in the building.
  • Turn your phone off (duh).
  • Breathe, when we are nervous we often tend to forget to breathe.  Passing out is not a good first impression.
This may seem odd to put out there but I happen to be excellent at resumes and job interviews.  I have interviewed tons of places for tons of things, as well as, lots of speaking events in high school and college.  But if you have any questions regarding job hunting etiquette and what not, please send me an e-mail, I would love to advise you!


  1. these are great tips! i will definitely take these things into consideration when i have interview. :D

  2. i love this post and you've got some really great advice here, especially the tip about sewing your pockets closed. i'm pretty nervous about applying for internships and such so this definitely came in handy.

  3. These are fantastic tips that people should know! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great post! I hate dressing for my field a business suit for an interview is a must, and I HATE them. I bought one in grad school, and I will never buy another....i refuse. I will where this one even if I am interviewing in 20 years. seriously!

  5. really great advice on the post! great suggestions! i definitely feel that the dress is a nice go-to staple. thanks for sharing!



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