Thursday, January 21, 2010

So I wear glasses...

The funny thing about this comment is that I always wanted glasses.  I remember going to the eye doctor when I was a teen and hoping for glasses, but instead got told I had great vision.  Thanks to working at a desk with a giant 30 inch monitor, I now wear glasses.  I started having issues about a year ago with my vision.  I got my first pair of glasses.  I was thrilled.  I threw out my pairs of fake glasses (yes, I wore FAKE glasses a la thick black rectangular frames and light brown rectangular cat eye frames. 

The glasses I wear now are great, very classic but don't really make a statement.  They are more, "I'm so pretty and smart in my glasses".  I'm wanting to get a pair of statement glasses on the days and nights that I want to make... well... a statement?

I started jonesin' on the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style, but I am not sure if any stores in Nashville actually carry this style of frames.  When I voiced this to Sam, he got so giddy and excited.  I mean he loves Rockabilly culture, and I think the fact that I could wear these and my jeans rolled up just affirmed to him that I was cool.

I have also looked at some other styles of frames, too.

I think these would be a little smaller than the wayfarers but still in the same family.

What do you guys think?  Is the big eyeglass trend dying out or here to stay?  The more I look at the prefall runway shows, the more I lean towards saying they are here to stay.


  1. Have you checked at SEE in Hillsboro Village? They have all sorts of super trendy, crazy glasses.

  2. Go big! I bought a big ray ban(ish) pair, and one that was a smaller version. I never wear the smaller ones. I like to think of glasses like shoes. Even if they are only in this season, you will still get your money's worth.

  3. Ohhhh these are awesome choices!!! I go to Optique on West End, and was looking for the exact same style of glasses you are. Neither Optique nor See had them a year ago, but since this style is gaining popularity, one of those stores may have them!



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