Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pre Fall Runway 2010 - Celine

I know, its not even the end of winter yet (hello Nashville is getting, what has been deemed by the lovelies at Nashvillest, #thesituation2010).  However, this collection by Celine is too delicious to pass up.  I love her use of neutrals and VERY bold colors.  Here are a few of my favorite looks.


Celine is using several looks that incorporate the monochromatic leg, a look that will be easy and flattering come fall.  The use of embellishments and belts is nothing new; I can look all over the blogosphere and see the use of feathers, sequins and splotches of color.  This is fresh though.  Instead of the typical fall hues, a vibrant punch of REAL color.  I love the use of red, especially because red is incredibly wearable by all different body types.  I cannot wait to dive into more of what is going on at Fashion Week this weekend.

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  1. Holy moley! The sweater and trouser combo is incredible!!

    Where are you from originally? I am from Ohio, so I am cracking up that schools are already closed tomorrow! We went to pick up PM tonight, and on our way back home we saw a plow truck. A plow truck! There aren't even flurries yet! haha!

    Anywho, I almost bought a very similar skirt by the same designer that you have on in your previous post! I saw it at Nashville Clothing Company in the Gulch, but clothing x-change carries the same designer. So cute!

  2. LOVE the shirt with the car on it! Totally reminds me of a little boys shirt in the BEST WAY! *want*. Im a sucker for that vibrant red paired with navy.....



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