Monday, November 16, 2009

Today is the day!

No more shopping for this little lady until November 16, 2010!

I honestly cannot believe this day is here, and to be honest I am a little relieved! While on a trip to Chicago recently it occurred to me that I was ready for this day even then. There is so much power in the ability to say no, and to have a firm reason to stand behind it. No more shopping for clothes, it will be a challenge and a joy!

Last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, I made a few additional resolutions, or hopes for this year of being 25. I want to discover what it means to be passionate about the things I want. To be honest, I have never seen myself as someone incredibly driven. I was always satisfied with just getting through it, and now at the age of 25 I am beginning to ponder why that is. I see people all around me that have worked really hard and achieved so much. I just want something to work really hard towards. Whether it is getting out of debt, sewing, writing, working, or just loving the people in my life well, I want to work hard at it. I am not sure what that means, or how it even looks, and I am not even sure how to start.

Thank you to my amazing family and friends that have been in my journey thus far in my life. Thank you for supporting me and loving me. Thank you for listening and crying with me, for laughing and smiling as well. I am truly so blessed to be where I am today, and I don't want to ever forget that!

PS - So the last piece of clothing I bought was a pair of nude fishnets from Kohl's and I am testing them out today (Thanks for the inspiration Jessica of What I Wore). I like that they are very subtle, but thinking I should be wearing black tights instead today.


  1. Congrats Allison! And happy 25th :) A great age!

  2. Yay! I know this year has so many good things in store for you! Happy Birthday!



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