Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Boots!

I decided that this year, I will save up and invest in a good pair of boots. My $30 boot purchase from Rack Room Shoes last year was great, although they are a little busted up (but they were a steal for $30!).

Naturally, I gravitate towards Anthropologie because their boots are works of art and this fall is not exception. I have it down to two pairs of boots:

The Tawny Acres Boots are the more sensible choice. Classic color, shape, and look to withstand many, many, many seasons.

Then the Winding Ruffle Boots showed up on the Anthropologie website and I think I gasped, actually was without breath. Works. Of. Art. Definitely not the more sensible choice, but they are beautiful.

Boots tend to be a little tough for me to find. First off, I have above average sized feet. I'm a size 9 and I also tend to like shoes to be a little roomie because I am a chronic flip flop wearer. Second, I have "athletic" calves (Sam lovingly nicknamed me Jiggly Calves). They are muscular and wider than most calves. This again makes another vote for the Tawny Acres boot. Third, the Tawny Acres Boot is selling out. They are already on back order and its not even September yet.

Both boots are in my price range. Both boots are the color I want.

I need help, opinions would be appreciated!


  1. I don't know Alyson, those second ones are SPECTACULAR!

  2. Love the first ones! Have you checked for similar colors and styles? They always list the calf measurement and the user comments on fit I've found really useful when trying to find boots for my *ahem* strong calves.

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    i opt for boot #1, they are very classic and hopefully will last more than one season, while boot #2 are gorgeous they are a bit trendy looking

  4. My vote is for #1 as well. Sarah is in the boot market too!




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