Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My new love - The Green Wagon

My little neighborhood in Nashville is incredibly charming. Most likely you have heard me rave about the little produce market that is two blocks away, or the best bagel sandwiches in the world, or how I love hearing the train in the background. I loooove Sylvan Park. But another reason has entered into this blissful neighborhood, and that reason is The Green Wagon.

The Green Wagon is an eco-friendly general store. Imagine the cosmetics and beauty section of your pharmacy, but where everything is incredibly eco-conscious and affordable. Sam and I had the chance to walk down to the store Friday night and we were both blown away at the variety of things that they have. There are soap nuts (just go see them for yourself!!), all natural cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, make up and then my two purchases, soap and nail polish!

This soap has this creamy soft lather and smells wonderfully of grapefruits. I bought it for Sam and he has even been using it to wash his hair. Plus the message constantly reminds you to make that shower just a little quicker. Enclosed are several steps you can take to help conserve your water consumption...

This is the nailpolish I bought. I have searched high and low for a nail polish that is the color of milk chocolate (it is incredibly flattering and makes me want chocolate). Not only does The Green Wagon carry a chocolate brown nail polish, it is also, water-based without any solvents that can evaporate and smell bad. It also stays on really well. Usually, I have to touch up my toes on a daily basis, even with a top coat. This polish has resisted chipping very well. It is by Honey Bee Cosmetics. The most amazing thing, you literally cannot use acetone based nail polish remover to get it off, you have to use either rubbing alcohol or their no-odor remover available at The Green Wagon. Oh, and get this, you can get it for about the same cost as OPI, maybe even less.

If you live in Nashville, go support this little gem in Sylvan Park! Make sure to follow them on twitter as well!

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