Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Blog Ladies I Love

I spend a lot of time NOT reading blogs, but when I do end up reading, I always, ALWAYS read what these ladies have to say. 

You know its love when you post a picture of the two of you even when its really unflattering for you.  Reasons why I love Nickie?  She's a total bad ass, she's a fashion designer, and even though she's a total bad ass, she's such a sweet friend.  The first night we hung out, she made sure I got my drunky-self back to my friend's place in Park Slope from who knows where.  She told me the dangers of bed bugs in the subways.  She's honest and I adore her.

If I had to have a crush on someone's hair, it would be Juli's.  Seriously though, she has amazing hair, and amazing style.  Juli was one of the first fashion bloggers I started following, her style is unique and attainable.  I love that she is a rabid thrifter and can put some of the best outfits together.

Grace talks about budgeting and finance, and that takes some balls.  Not only do I admire (and aspire) to her saving mentality, I think she is an excellent writer with a unique voice.  I enjoy actually reading her blog and listen to what she has to say.

Mel.  Not only do I admire and respect her as a blogger/professional woman (has a full time job, boyfriend, a life, AND a blog), but she's been such a great friend.  It is hard to explain and put into words without getting incredibly emotional but I am so thankful for her friendship and for what it has meant to me. 

Robyn and I talk every single day.  (Thank goodness for gchat and for her, don't know how I'd get through my work day).  She listens to me complain about just about everything, we gab about the crazies on The Bradelor.  We dish on our favorite (and not so favorite) bloggers.  But, what you may not know about Robyn is that she is incredibly talented and smart business woman.  I've never told her this but I really admire her.  She is very thoughtful and dedicated to her business.  She works more than full-time and has done such a fantastic job.  She's also incredibly funny and honest.  She also broke my blog... kidding... well not, she did but its okay because she left me a hilarious voicemail and it was an easy fix.

So, when you just don't feel like posting another round of pictures of yourself in your backyard, it helps to talk about the people that you love for one reason or another.  Maybe I'll do this more often.  Because there are lots of other people that I love!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm excited to read some new bloggers you posted that I don't follow yet. I love Mel and several other bloggers you mentioned. Including your blog. Inspiring! Makes me excited to work on my goals this year for my blog and making it better! xo, Littles aka Holly

  2. you said I didn't break your blog! You said it wasn't my fault! Lies.... lies I say. Thank you for this doll face. It made my morning.

  3. Wow, these sound like really great ladies! I already am reading 3 of the 5 so I guess I will just have to start reading the other 2. Just so I can pretend that I know them too :)

  4. love twitch vintage, i read it every day :)

    <3 steffy

  5. What a great post!


  6. I'm such a dufus (sp?) I'm just reading this did i miss this?? You are too sweet and almost got me all teary eyed reading this.
    honestly, i wish we lived closer.



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