Monday, July 12, 2010

Flower Child

It had definitely been a while since I had taken a traditional outfit pictures because I look incredibly awkward in most of these shots.  But let me take you back even further to last Thursday when I come home from work and there is a package from Mel!  I had sent Mel an e-mail titled "Clothing Swap" but then in the e-mail started talking about a zillion other things and not even mentioning the fact that I said something about swapping some stuff.  We were both in a bit of a closet funk and so I sent her some stuff to borrow for a month, and she sent me some stuff to borrow too.  It kind of felt like Christmas.

Anyways, so this dress is Mel's.  I think next time I wear it, I will put on some shorts with it because, I was walking back from lunch and almost tripped and fell on my face and I'm pretty sure that I totally mooned the people behind me.  Not classy...

Dress: Mel from Idée Géniale
Elephant/Owl necklace: thrifted (yeah it looks like an upside down owl, but its really elephants standing on balls) Clothing Xchange
Hair clips: H&M
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Oh, another little note which I will elaborate on later; I'm not buying ANYTHING for the next two months.  So, I'm not buying jewelery, belts, scarves, shoes, purses, etc for the next two months.  I'm such an over achiever right?


  1. I love this dress, so cute! Good luck with not buying anything for the next two months, I know I could crack! x

  2. Amberly Culver9:23 AM

    wow! Thats awesome! I envy your will power!:)

  3. Hahaha, ah yes, the short modcloth dress! I forgot I sent you thisone! wait until you try the blue BBdakota one, even shorter!. what's up with me and short dresses?

    Anyways,good luck with your 2 month shopping ban!! I'm sure you can do it.

  4. that dress look so cute on you! And wow, i am impressed that you are not going to buy anything for 2 months! Your will power is astounding!



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