Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I take back what I said about harem pants

I had no idea this day would come.  In fact, I cannot believe the words came out of my mouth when they did.  You see this all happened several weeks ago when a friend of mine and I went to just try on clothes at Diilard's.  I tried on seriously ridiculous prom dresses (have you seen this seasons atrocities?  Ugh), a cute retro inspired dress and a black jumpsuit I picked up on my way to the dressing room.  Even though I'm not shopping, I seriously love to try on clothes and look silly. 

Of course the dresses looked awful, the retro one looked amazing, and then I put on this jump suit.  I turned to my friend Adrienne and said, "Um, I actually really love this."  She replied, "It looks really great on you!".  And as I scanned my body in the mirror, I stopped... this jumpsuit had harem pants... and I liked it. 

The designer is Kensie and I contacted Mel asking if they had a picture of this jump suit anywhere since I tried it on, loved it, and it had harem pants.  I told Mel my story, and she went to work looking for a picture of it.  A few days later, I get a message from Mel saying, no luck on the picture.  I was bummed but just put it out of my mind and realized I wouldn't have to share the fact that I am now putting my foot in my mouth...  Then... I go out to the mailbox and there is a package from Mel...  It felt squishy... and I was thinking, oh maybe she sent me some of her crafty knitting or something...  I open it up and felt the slinky black material.  Looking at my roommate, I exclaimed, "She sent me the jumpsuit...".  I pulled it out and read the sweet note.  (Really, Mel is so sweet!)

The first time I wore this jumpsuit, I dressed it down for work.  I kept it simple with a t-shirt layered underneath and flip flops.  It is comfortable and so incredibly easy to wear.  I can unroll the pants and feel instantly chic.  I cannot wait to wear this out during a hot summer night, cool as a cucumber sipping on a nice cold drink. 

Black Jump Suit: Kensie Style, courtesy of Mel from Idée Géniale
White V-neck T-shirt: Falling Whistles
Costume Jewelery: Claire's and Forever 21
Black Flip Flops: Havianas


  1. Um... I might be warming up to harem pants too... I declared them the stupidest looking fad ever last year when I first saw them. Today at Kohl's, I passed a really lovely dressy pair in the Vera Wang collection... I might want them. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

  2. This jumpsuit is so stinkin' cute! So versatile for summer.

  3. Oh I love harem pants, that jumpsuit is gorgeous.

  4. Mel is perhaps the sweetest girl ever. You also look fab in your harem jumpsuit.

  5. that is a pretty cute jumpsuit! and that is so sweet of mel!

  6. i like! Love the yellow and black x

  7. Love it! You look great.



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